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Experience swift water heater installations and exceptional air quality services for your Norristown residence or commercial space. Take advantage of our free estimates for HVAC system replacements, backed by our BBB A+ rating and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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At Air Done Right HVAC Ambler, we take pride in serving the residents of Norristown, Pennsylvania, with unparalleled services and installations. Our team of outstanding HVAC experts is dedicated to ensuring your home is both comfortable and fully functional.

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Experience a wide range of heating services for various makes and models in Norristown, Pennsylvania, with Heating Air Done Right. Stand out from the competition with our superior customer service strategy.


Air Conditioning

Specializing in the repair, maintenance, and installation of all types of air conditioning systems, Norristown-based Air Conditioning Air Done Right is a highly trained team. Their knowledge enables them to efficiently and effectively address any AC-related issues, delivering a hassle-free experience for clients.

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Water Heater

Air Done Right in Norristown and Ardmore, Pennsylvania, offers top-notch water heater installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our team of professionals ensures your water heater operates efficiently, saving you money on energy costs and extending its lifespan.


Air Quality

Enhance the air quality in your Norristown home with comprehensive air quality services from Air Quality Air Done Right. From air duct cleaning to air purification and HVAC maintenance, our services ensure clean and safe indoor air, elevating your family’s comfort and well-being.

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John D

Air Done Right recently provided maintenance for my heating system, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They arrived promptly and were courteous and efficient. The technician took the time to explain the issue and the repair process in detail. I highly recommend their services!


Sarah W

I am extremely satisfied with the results of Air Done Right’s installation of a new air conditioner in my home. The installation was completed on time, and the staff was professional and respectful of my property. Now that my cooling system is functioning properly, I have noticed a significant decrease in my energy costs. I truly appreciate the services provided by Air Done Right.


Michael H.

When my water heater malfunctioned, Air Done Right responded quickly to my call. They answered promptly, and a technician arrived within an hour. They efficiently identified the issue and provided a cost-effective solution. I will definitely be using their services for all my HVAC needs in the future due to the excellent service I received.


Emily R

Thanks to Air Done Right’s air quality services, my home in Norristown has seen a significant improvement. They installed an air filtration system and thoroughly cleaned the air ducts. Since then, my family and I have noticed a notable enhancement in the overall air quality. The team’s professionalism and expertise ensured our satisfaction with the work performed. I highly recommend Air Done Right for all your air quality needs.

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Experience top-notch HVAC services in Norristown, PA without the hassle of waiting. Bid farewell to long wait times and embrace our prompt and reliable support for all your heating and cooling needs.

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Rest easy with our unwavering commitment to excellence. We stand behind the quality of our work with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right or provide you with a full refund. Your happiness is our ultimate priority.


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In case of unforeseen circumstances, we will communicate any adjustments in advance and provide transparent pricing information.

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Unleash the power of the best technicians in King of Norristown, PA who bring unmatched expertise and skill to every HVAC project. Trust Air Done Right to deliver exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

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Unleash the power of the best technicians in King of Norristown, PA who bring unmatched expertise and skill to every HVAC project. Trust Air Done Right to deliver exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.


Don't let budget constraints hold you back from comfort. Our flexible financing options make it easy to get the HVAC services you need without breaking the bank. Enjoy peace of mind and a comfortable home with Air Done Right."

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Tim & Leanne

We are extremely satisfied with the exceptional service provided by Air Done Right. Their team of technicians demonstrated competence, skill, and professionalism. They went the extra mile to ensure that our HVAC system was installed correctly and operating efficiently. We highly recommend their services.


Elaine F

Air Done Right exceeded our expectations with their outstanding HVAC services. From the initial consultation to the installation process, their staff exhibited knowledge and meticulous attention to detail. We appreciate their prompt response, exceptional customer service, and the high-quality work they delivered. We couldn’t be more thrilled!


Lynne J

In Norristown, Pennsylvania, we consistently rely on Air Done Right for all our HVAC needs. Their experts are reliable, friendly, and well-informed. They provided expert guidance in selecting the best HVAC system for our home and executed the installation with expertise. Their professionalism and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction are truly impressive.

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We have undergone rigorous certification processes to ensure that our services meet the highest industry standards, guaranteeing top-notch quality and professionalism in everything we do.

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At HVAC Air Done Right, we are delighted to extend our top-notch services to the residents of Norristown, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to not only meet but surpass your needs and provide service that exceeds your expectations.

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Our team is comprised of dedicated veterans who bring a champion mindset to every HVAC project. With a commitment to excellence, tenacity, and unwavering client satisfaction, we strive to deliver exceptional service in every aspect.

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Air Done Right, based in Norristown, Pennsylvania, is proud to hold the prestigious accreditation of BBB A+. This recognition reflects our unwavering dedication to providing outstanding service and ensuring client satisfaction.

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Our dedicated team is on standby round the clock, ready to assist you whenever you require reliable support. Whether it’s an emergency situation or routine maintenance, we are available to provide dependable assistance.

Beyond HVAC: Comprehensive Services for Norristown!

In addition to our primary HVAC services encompassing AC & furnace repair, maintenance, and installation, we possess expertise in various related areas. Trust us for a comprehensive range of HVAC and ventilation solutions in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

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Norristown, located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is a municipality with home rule status and serves as the county seat. Situated along the scenic Schuylkill River, Norristown is positioned approximately 6 miles from the city limits of Philadelphia. With a population of 35,748 as of 2020, it stands as the fourth most populous municipality in the county and the second most populous borough in Pennsylvania. Notably, Norristown is the largest non-township municipality in Montgomery County. Positioned about 49.8 miles southeast of Allentown and 19.9 miles northwest of Philadelphia, it enjoys a favorable location within the vibrant Philadelphia metropolitan area.

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West End: The West End of Norristown is a residential neighborhood characterized by tree-lined streets and a mix of housing styles. It offers a sense of community with its local parks and recreational facilities. The area is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and proximity to schools and shopping centers.


East End: The East End of Norristown features a blend of residential and commercial areas. It is home to diverse neighborhoods, ranging from historic homes to modern developments. Residents enjoy easy access to amenities, including restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. The East End also offers convenient transportation links for commuters.

North End: The North End of Norristown is a vibrant neighborhood with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It is known for its diverse community and cultural attractions, including restaurants, markets, and community events. The North End provides residents with a range of housing options and is conveniently located near major transportation routes.

Downtown: Norristown’s downtown is the heart of the borough, offering a lively urban atmosphere with a variety of businesses, government offices, and entertainment venues. It features historic buildings, charming streetscapes, and a bustling Main Street lined with shops and restaurants. The downtown area also hosts community events, art festivals, and farmers’ markets, contributing to its vibrant and energetic ambiance.

Jefferson Crossing: Located in Norristown, Jefferson Crossing is a well-established community offering a mix of single-family homes and townhouses. Residents enjoy amenities such as community parks, walking trails, and proximity to shopping and dining options. The neighborhood provides a peaceful suburban environment with easy access to major transportation routes.

Legacy at Stony Creek Farms: Legacy at Stony Creek Farms is a sought-after 55+ active adult community in Norristown. It offers luxurious single-family homes and a range of amenities, including a clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool, and walking trails. The community provides a vibrant and social atmosphere for active retirees looking for a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Stuart’s Keep: Stuart’s Keep is a newer residential community in Norristown featuring spacious townhomes with modern designs. It offers a convenient location near major highways, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. Residents enjoy the benefits of low-maintenance living and the close-knit community atmosphere within the neighborhood.

The Greens at Westover: The Greens at Westover is a well-maintained community offering a mix of single-family homes and townhouses in Norristown. It features beautiful landscaping, tree-lined streets, and open green spaces. The neighborhood provides a family-friendly environment with easy access to schools, parks, and nearby amenities.

Norristown, PA operates under a home-rule municipality since 1986, adopting a charter that established a manager/council form of government with a seven-member municipal council. The position of mayor was abolished in 2004 through a public referendum, and executive and administrative authority now rests with the council-appointed Municipal Manager. In terms of representation, Norristown falls within the Fifth Congressional District, with Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon as its representative. It is also part of the 70th State House District, represented by Rep. Matt Bradford, and the 17th State Senate District, represented by Sen. Amanda Cappelletti.

Elmwood Park Zoo: Located in Norristown, Elmwood Park Zoo is a popular attraction that showcases a diverse range of wildlife species. Visitors can enjoy up-close encounters with animals, explore exhibits, and participate in educational programs. The zoo also features beautiful gardens and hosts various events throughout the year.

Norristown Farm Park: Norristown Farm Park is a scenic park spanning over 690 acres in Norristown. It offers a tranquil escape with its open fields, woodlands, and meandering trails, perfect for hiking, picnicking, and nature observation. The park also holds historical significance, as it was once a working farm that provided food to the Norristown State Hospital.

Selma Mansion: Selma Mansion is a historic landmark in Norristown, dating back to the late 18th century. This stately mansion offers visitors a glimpse into the past with its well-preserved architecture and period furnishings. It serves as a venue for various events, including weddings, parties, and cultural gatherings.

Thaddeus Lowe House: The Thaddeus Lowe House is another notable historical site in Norristown, associated with the renowned inventor and scientist, Thaddeus S. C. Lowe. The house showcases Victorian-era architecture and offers guided tours to explore its rich history and learn about Lowe’s contributions, including his involvement with early aviation and the Civil War.

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Norristown, PA boasts a well-connected transportation system. With 56.07 miles of public roads, the borough is strategically located near major routes such as Main Street and Airy Street, providing easy access to I-476 (the Blue Route) and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Norristown Transportation Center serves as a vital hub, offering various transportation options, including eight Suburban Division bus routes, the Norristown High-Speed Line to 69th Street Transportation Center, and the Manayunk/Norristown Regional Rail Line to Center City Philadelphia. The center also features a commuter parking garage, an intercity bus terminal, and convenient connections to the Schuylkill River Trail.

Norristown, PA experiences a humid subtropical climate (Cfa) based on the Köppen climate classification, indicating hot summers and generally mild winters. However, according to the Trewartha climate classification, Norristown’s climate is classified as Do (oceanic) due to the relatively cooler temperatures, with only seven months surpassing 50 °F. The area falls under hardiness zone 7a, indicating the suitable conditions for various plant species.